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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 20, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> the delegate refused to take a breathalyzer test. dwyer was charged with driving under the influence and a host of traffic violations. voters expressed disappointment. >> he should resign. we can do prt not as a person but a better person making better decisions. >> a commissioner released don dwyer on his row cognizance. >> i'm just shocked. not shocked that he is drinking. not shockd that he got caught again but shocked he is not in jail. >> barbara watched the dui boating accident that frashthed the skull of her 5 year old granddaughter. i can't believe he got behind the wheel again. i don't understand. >> delegate dwyer did not answer his door or the phone or e mail. he remains in the legislator but lowing support.
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>> oust concern from constituents and other people's safety. out of concern for don himself i'm asking for his resignation. >> delegate ron george is a republican. the state's gop leadership is not calling for his resignation but said its members of troubled. dwyer refused the breathalyzer test in maryland that means an automatic 90 day license suspension pending a hearing at the motorcycle vehicle administration. dwyer's appeal of the boat sentencing is schedule for october. >> thank you. >> happening now in montgomery county firefighters on the scene of the working fire in north pa mr. tomic. this is live video above the scene. you see lots of damage to the roof. the left side. there is no word of injury this is is still unfolding.
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>> new at 5 deputies in charles county found the driver hit a man in the wheel chair. the driver a 28 year old woman took off. it happened at the intersection of saint charls and saint tomas drive. charges are now pending. >> virginia construction accident claimed the life of a man on kinglet court. the man fell in a hole about 15 feet deep and buried. he was operating a back hoe it is unclear how he ended up in the hole. >> details in the trial of the man accused of killing a local college student much 19 year old vanesza put up a struggle and fought back before stabbed to death the me says she had 15 slash marks on both hands. paul so covering the trial.
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paul? >> sean when vaneszy was stab indeed her car of june of 2010. police release the few details about what happened and what they found in her car in the fairfax plaza shopping center. they never revealed a baby bottle was found. they never revealed a baby dip diaper was in the car. vanesza put up quite a fight before she was killed. >> holeiogarcia grips the defense table as doctor williams described in detail how vanesza lost her life on june 272010. fighting with both hands before fatalally stabbed in the neck and chest. >> this will not be immediately fatal tell take time for her to bleed. bleeding out is the mechanism of her death. she bled out. >> doctor williams said she had
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slash and stab wounds to face, chest and knees. would to be painful? would she have time to think? to both questions doctor williams said, yes. today's familiar revealed police found item in her car including a cloth baby diaper and a baby bottle. clare mc donald a friend took the stand and said she had been in the teens car the night before and not seen a baby bottle. defense attorney say garcia had his toddler in the car when the attack took place. prosecute ors called derrick hardy who showed the seat belt fan was wearing with a slit in the middle and the clothes she was wearing as well as the butcher knife, blade and handle which was separated and left in the car after. >> during opening statements the prosecutor said the murder
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of vanessa was premeditated and willful. the defense says that vanessa was killed by high schooliogarcia because he was high on pc p and sick and wanted get to the hospital. he asked fam for a ride to the property. >> paul. let me ask you it would steam the evidence we did know about the diaper the baby bottle would show it was not premeditated you think if someone was thinking about killing they would take the evidence with them and prosecute ors bring that up did the defense attorney talk about that. >> the defense tried to point there was nothing taken from vanessa she was not sexually assaulted they are trying to prove that this was a spur of the moment murder that it was not premeditated. what they are trying to do is prevent julio from being
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convicted of first degree murder and hopeful the jury will see their side and it was not a premeditated crime. >> thank you, paul. >> virginia state police used automaticed license plate readers back in 2009. according to the dispatch the secret service requested it to be used at the entrance of the pentagon meant as an extra lar of security. the license plate readers used state wide since 2006 used to detect stolen cars and fugitives. >> the chaos and carnage in egypt is heightning debates to u.s. aid to the country. the u.s. gives 1.5 billion dollars a year to egypt's aid. aid to egypt temporarily stopped. that is not accurate. >> aid is on going and no determination or conclusion of
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that review has been reached at this point. >> there is a bucket of remaining money 585 million that has not been obligated. >> thousandands died in the last week in battles against the military and supporters of ousted president muhammad. >> a british newspaper says it was forceed sgroi information provide by edward snowden. this is days after the same sex partner of the guardian reporter covering the story was detain indeed a london airport. catherine has a look where things stand tonight. >> guardian's editor says british authorities demanded snowden's material be provide to them or destroyed and face legal action if not complied. hard drives were destroyed under the intrigz of british authorities the publication as other copies and will report the story from the u.s. much
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>> they explicitly threatened us with prior restraint they would go to the law to get it back and stop you gos writing about it. that is not something that would be possible in the united states. >> news of the digital destruction after the partner of guardian journal glen greenwall was detained at the airport on sunday. on snowden's leaked information and his partner was held for 9 hours based on antiterrorism legislation. >> not one question about terrorism. it was my role in this nsa document store. i don't have involvement with the documents. >> police were acting under the law. if applied improperly that would be unacceptable. i find it difficult to accept the suggestion that that would have been kafrngzed by min sters. >> white house acknowledges the british government gave a head's up about the detention and
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denies involvement. in washington fox news. >> army private manning will learn his feat tomorrow. a military judge will announce mannings sentence tomorrow at 10 he face up to 90 years in prison for giving information to wiki leaks. prosecute ors asked the judge to give him 60 years. he was confidence 6 violations of the espionage acts. >> the army psychiatrist admits to killing 13 and injuring dozens in a shooting rampage at the texas military base. he is defendzing himself and frying to justify the shootings as defense of his muslim faith he the start his defense tomorrow. >> new details about the surviving boston bombing suspect. he suffered multiple gunshot
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wounds one to the face and a skull fracture. jurisdiction were described by the surgion who treated him after hide nothing a boat in the backyard he pleads not guilty who killed 3 people and injured 260 he faces a potential death sentence. 2 oklahoma teens charged with first degree murder in the deadly shooting of this australian basketball player. 23 year old crist ner lange was on an athletic scholarship. he was shot and kill indeed duncan friday out for a jog after visiting his girlfriend. the motive? according to police 3 bored teens picked him as he jogd and decided to kill someone for the fun of it. the baseball team as well as the school is coming together to support lane's family. >> now we like the lane family
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and australia the tiger family is thinking about them. our thoughts and prayers go to them now and anything that we can do to help in their time of grief that is what we see our role as now. >> the police chief said the teens came up from behind and shot him in the back with a gun and sped away. the neighbor performed cpr but lane was pronounced dead an hour later. >> coming up frightened students forceed run for their lives after a gun man entered their school. >> plus, doctor oz helps to save a woman's life after a car jumped the curve severely injuring her leg. >> this luxury apartment building not up yet is at the center of controversy in new york. wait until you hear how low income renters are separate friday high income condo ordinance. >> hey, sean.
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it felt like august today. temperatures in the upper 80's. lilths mar humidity. this conditions for the next couple of days. coming up, we will talk about the evening's forecast and when our next chance to get rain that is coming up after these commercials when will and sean will be back 
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a hundred mile to the north 2,000 ache ares of butte county
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california looked like this. the flames take this owner by surprised. >> there was a glow over the hill i thought the sun was coming up again. >> emergency officials looked at orders and home ordinance are bracing themselves. >> these fire man i tell you, are the biggest heroes in my life. >> in idaho firefighters battle with the beast a child fire spanning 100,000 acres through brush and 52ins. firefighters in montana. stretched thin. track the fires saying hotter, dry and windy conscience are fuelling the flames. >> warmer nights. warmer winters and less snow pack autopsy the feet urs of a warmer climate increases the risk of fires across the country. >> dry conscience across the western united states the northwest is get itting worse. they were stretched thin and
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fire season seems like it is near 3 year round. in los angeles. adam housely fox news of >> a person is in the hospital with serious jurisdiction. inside this boat house during maintenance. the accident does not affect the ammunition or operations at the weapon station the cause remains under investigation. >> tv host doctor oz was part of a terrifying scene in new york. a cab jumped a curb near radio city music hall. a bicyclist and pedestrian were hit. one victim is in critical condition. doctor oz rushed help treat victims. >> a dog leash and a -- mundane -- [inaudible]. >> dog leash and a belt.
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it is still not clear what caused the cabdriver to lose control of the car. >> in our area things started warming up. beautifulidate heat and humidity are back. >>you don't like this, do you. >> i don't i'm glad summer is back. >> will it stick around. >> temperatures now sitting at 87 degrees. look at cull pepper 90 it is not bad for some places andan ap lis 82. leonarndtown is 81. the water it feels better and the eastern shore, toochlt heat index. it feels like 89 in the city. it cull pepper feels like 98. trust me a minute ago it felt like a hundred. that is really hot and steamy that way and fredericksburg is 88. we have clouds to the south we have not seen the clouds they will condition. they are coming up down from
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down south, obviously around showers and thunderstorms there. here is your evening forecast. partly cloudy no worries should be nice much on the muggy side. we are mild over night tonight and again if you don't like this. it will stick around for a couple days. weekend will bring us relief, sean. that is as much as i will say. >> we leave? >> from the heat and humidity. you said, more. i can get stuff out of you. >> [laughter]. >> we will see you in a few. >> what are you an attorney. issa that what you are? >> are you a law degree? i'm a woman. i'm a wife. >> there you go. >> i'm a mother. that's the one right there. [laughter]. >> we will see nua minute. >> he is busted. >> coming up on 5, 40 years after making history 3 dozen members of the 1972 dolphins are honest ordat the lighthouse. >> redskins look good at home after 2 wins they are down to quarter backs.
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kirt cousins left with jurisdiction the latest on his decision and others that is next. 
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>> to the delight of fans the red skins roll in last night for the preseason home opener against the steelers. wing may cost them on the injury know frot. scott is here important people got banged up. >> exactly what you don't want to see you want to get through as little jurisdiction as bobl the most severe is a starter the starting nose tackle frashthed his right hand. feels good he can fla in week one of the regular season. receivers got knicked up thigh and knee jurisdiction it is not thought to be severe. kirt cousins also in that crop
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of injured players they went down with a right foot injury as he was attempt to run out. combras came back negative it is a mild mid foot sprain. mri ruled out severe injury like a liz frank injury which ended tomases season last week after the tackle cousins tried to shake it off but realized he oughta come out of the game. >> felt it initially and as i walked back i was trying to evaluate if i had to change directions can i do that. as i felt it i decided that, you know what? preseason game number 2 with a long season now is not the time to be a hero. >> you are concerned with a game like this. preseason don't count to have someone like that who is valuable go down. we got a guy that can replace them or behind him that can step
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in and do the job. we had to finish our task. scombroo cousins will be fine in 3 weeks unconcern if he will play in any of the 2 remaining preseason games. the next one is saturday against the bills. rex grossman and pat white for the next 2 preseason games quarter backing the team. >> whatever. let everybody play much [laughter]. >> all right. thank you, scott. >> the only nfl team to have a perfect season got a white house celebration 40 years later. obama hosted the miami dolphins today much the year the dolphins won the superbowl nixon was dealing with that old watergate scandal much the white house honest org wing sport's teams was less of a tradition then than now.
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never too late to get an invite from the white house. >> an event that was supposed to be about veterans turned a q & a session with bob mc donald wait until you here his testy response. >> they are worth millions who tops the list of the 50 wealthiest law makers on capital hill. >> ordinance of an apartment building spark outrage after telling low income renters they can not use the same entrance as higher income owners. we will be right back.
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>> fox 5 joins us with the
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story tom? >> there is about no place gochor mc donald can go without hammered with questions about the gift scandal that was the case today in fairfax the governormented talk about hieshing veterans he flashed a sharp response to reporters who wanted him to talk about his legal trouble. >> peppered by ethic questions over his lingering gift taking schedule. i came to talk about hiring vet rans. the governor refused to address the federal investigation of he and his wife the thousand in gifts and loans that i took from wealthy donor johnny williams. >> i don't have anything to say. if i do i will let you know. >> good morning. >> governor was here promoting the veteran's hiring initiative aimed at finding jobs for military members. >> we are a veteran friendly state i'm here to support the
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initiative. he reacted sharply when asked if the event was to distract attention from his legal trouble. >> that is false i'm the governor of virginia. this is what i do. my job is to do hundreds of events for business and veterans i travel the state like i do every summer to talk and listen to people. >> mc donnedy larceny met with the u.s. attorneys who were deciding if they will charge the couple >> it is best we not comment. >> u.s. attorneys are vgdz investigationing if the gifts were used to influence mc donald and his wife to promote johnny williams company, star scientific. >> thank you. it is not only mc donald's team who is not talking mark warner a former governor himself declineed weigh in. >> i know there is legal precedings. not appropriate for me to
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comment. >> as for governor mc donald he has 4 and a half months left in office and intends to use that time to talk about his achievements not his investigation. >> i can talk to you about the budget we had a great day yesterday. >> governor said that he returned all of the gifts and loans the family received from johnny williams and made an apology to the people. sean, it is clear until the u.s. attorney's office announces the decision it is likely the questions will continue. >> he should expect it. thank you. >> law makers have plenty of power and many have the money to match. the list of the hill's 50 wealthiest is out. at the topical cal republican darryl icea. his fortune estimated at 355 million dollars. talk about the true money people and who is at the bottom. bob can you sack the managing editor of the hill.
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begin with the house oversight chair darryl icea how did he get rich and take the crown this here. >> he has been on our list he took the crown back this year he founded a car security system called vipir. and different assets over the years stock market or other things will elevate member wealth. icea who is the chief investigator of the residence of president obama is number one. >> another republican congress man mcconnell of texas a net worth of 101 million dollars and blind him a democrat mark warner from virginia with a net worth of 88 million. how do they mass their millions and the republican party has the edge on the hill's wealthiest? >> mike mc call married money his wife is the daughter of owner of clear channel, mark warner had a successful business
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career founding the company now neckstelehe is worth 88 million dollars. there are many in congress that are wealthy. some came to congress with wealth and some have massed wealth with business decisions. >> look at more modest means rising star republican marco rubio out of florida in the red with a negative net worth of roughly 190,000 and senator kristin guild brand from new york in the black 16,000. >> both could run for president. rubio could run in know 2016. bomoffice not wealthy himself if until he wrote his books and if you put obama on this list he would not make the top 50 but between 50 and 75. these 2016 possible hopefuls don't have wealth they may write a book or another decision.
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>> are they in the minority in the halls of congress or is it a perception we have that people make their fortunes and then serve. a lot of members on capital hill they make money and e mass power. he e mass his wealth before he came to congress. bottom line is most members of congress they are have a comfortable living. >> thank you. >> new york city apartment building has not been built it is already the center of controversy. the buildoth upper west side will include luxury condos and affordable housing parments much the builder wants separate entrances one for low are income renters and another for the higher income condo owners. >> my question is why do the affordable units have to be segregated apart from the condos
5:36 pm
the wealthy can afford to buy? it is 2 buildings. that again are conjoined but treated separate you have 2 entrances. condo owner is getting tack breaks by having those more affordable apartment buildings that's why he did a mixed use building we asked if people thank you is fair that the owners do what they want. >> that is discrimination it is no different from what happened in the past where people of a color had to sit at the back of the bus or not enter place now it is income discrimination. i don't see a problem. i suspect those who are paying market price will pay for amenities the subsidized renters will not pay for much the shock go to face book/myfoxdc. that is our comment on that
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tonight much [laughter]. >> all right gentlemen the next time your wife or girlfriend or mom or sister want a new pair of shoes i will not say this. you may want to refer to this. i don't agree. okay. i will say that. a survey some people surveyed shows how many women have shoes that never get worn. >> wait you buy a pair and not wear them. i'm not in on this one. >> a new study shows indoor tanning remains popular among teens despite the warning the number is staggering. 
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remind people they are dangerous. a study shows the shoe wedges used to alleviate knee pain may not be doing a good job. researchers looked at a dozen studies of pain and found the wedges you put in the shoes did not have impact on pain reduction. doctors suggest talking to your doctor about nonsurgical methods to rugs pain. we heard women say you can never have too many shoes a study found most shoes go unworn. a survey of 2300 women in the uk not the u.s. shows the average
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woman owns 20 pair but regularly wears 5 of them. so, why are some women keeping shoe in their closet. come of the top reasons include they are uncomfortable. have impractical heal or are expensive so they cannot be damaged. let me speak for the women i know. we have a lot of shoes and we wear all of them. >> i was going to offer something. 5 regularly worn that's what the study says. i feel like a lot of us are in that boat you got your good shoes don't wear them all the time. that's what i was taking. there might be the expensive pair you wear to a specific event. >> for the fancy dinner. >> our producers telling us to move of works from everything from camping to a business trip. in today's edition of lora likes a travel gadget that helps you pack light ñ
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in a traditional frame. light weight with no sharp edges they are a great gift. use them as a signing board go to the website and up load the photo. price start 8 bucks. every infrastructure >> i like it. >> yea. >> a lot of good likes. >> good. >> what is the weather? >> i think you know it is hot and humid and gary was telling me it looks like it will stick around. >> have to give will a preview. >> i like to ask. [laughter]. >> right. >> information. here is the -- what is going on. no microphone? here you are acyou weather forecast. it is sticky, too. you see places especially if
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your bottled water. what happens when you enter in the world of humidity you get temperatures like this. 89 in dc. >> a hundred believe it or not now 94. it dependsos where you are. this evening how unffrl it is. partly cloudy. cloudings streaming. no rain don't worry. fchls cool to the upper 60's. the clouds have been streaming up from the south. we are not seeing them in the district until the north and west. south and southeast i think there were more cloud in place here. all the rain am stay. there is a chance we begin to see a bit more of this rain coming up in the form of a few thunderstorms popping up. for tomorrow a lot of clean. i wanted you to see within this area of green.
5:52 pm
comeum to district in central and western sections of maryland and virginia, too, there is a chance that later on this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening we have a couple of thunderstorms. it looks like they will be spot tow scattered. the best chance of thunderstorms being a bit more widespread to the west of us in west virginia and western sections of virginia and higher elevations to the west. that's where we will have most of the storms tomorrow afternoon and evening. weville a few around the metro, too, as temperatures get up to the 80's or so and move along and as we get to in other words we will have a chance for thunderstorms there as well. tonight it is 71 for a low. we will be mild and have a few foggy spots early tomorrow morning. warm and muggy at noon. 84. a chance for thunderstorms tomorrow. temperatures will be upper 80's tomorrow. upper 80's on thursday as well
5:53 pm
with chances of scattered showers and thunderstorms both days it looks like friday some of us will have a few early showers possibly. and weekend is looking gorgeous. lower to nid 80's. low humidity and mostly sunshine. hopeful that will not change. >> check outside for a look what is coming up on news at 6. >> confusion in congress tonight as the chaos in cairo rages out of control. law makers battle the white house over differences of opinion on national security and egypt a plane diverted after a passenger who got on in baltimore got oust control. a look at a move that he profiles the dc snipers. ahead at 6. ♪
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>> the gentleman crack down on supporters of muhammad morsy and the efforts of the muslim brother hood to battle back is leaving hundreds dead and placing the obama administration between a rock and hard place. >> lesser of the 2 evil system to take the side of the military. keep the support and maintain the peace with


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